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Kelly Aerospace

Kelly Aerospace

Kelly Aerospace Overhauled 'Slick' Magnetos

Kelly Aerospace Overhauled

Click the part number of the magneto you require below for pricing and further information

Part Number Description
4301R Magneto 25D LH OVH
4302R Magneto 0D RH OVH
4309R Magneto 0D LH OVH
4310R Magneto 30D LH OVH
4316R Magneto 25D RH OVH
4330R Magneto 30D RH OVH
4333R Magneto 25D LH OVH
4342R Magneto 0D LH OVH
4344R Magneto 0D RH OVH
4345R Magneto 15D LH OVH
4347R Magneto 25D LH OVH
4348R Magneto 25D RH OVH
4353R Magneto 0D LH OVH
4354R Magneto 25D LH OVH
4370R Magneto 0D LH OVH
4371R Magneto 25D LH OVH
4372R Magneto 15D LH OVH
4373R Magneto 25D LH OVH
4374R Magneto 15D RH OVH
4381R Magneto 5D LH OVH
4392R Magneto 30D OVH
6309R Magneto 35D RH OVH
6310R Magneto 30D RH OVH
6313R Magneto 0D RH OVH
6314R Magneto 30D LH OVH
6320R Magneto 30D RH OVH
6324R Magneto 30D LH OVH
6331R Magneto 30D LH OVH
6340R Magneto 0D RH OVH
6350R Magneto 0D LH OVH
6351R Magneto 35D LH OVH
6355R Magneto 45D LH OVH
6360R Magneto 0D LH OVH
6361R Magneto 35D LH OVH
6362R Magneto 30D RH OVH
6363R Magneto 30D LH OVH
6364R Magneto 35D LH OVH
6365R Magneto 25D LH OVH
6367R Magneto 35D RH OVH
6371R Magneto 0D LH OVH
6377R Magneto 30D RH OVH
6379R Magneto 45D LH OVH
6380R Magneto 30D RH OVH
6382R Magneto 30D RH OVH
6390R Magneto 0D LH OVH
6391R Magneto 25D RH OVH
6393R Magneto 37D LH OVH
6394R Magneto 30D RH OVH
6399R Magneto 35D RH OVH