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Wheels and Brakes for Aerospace and Defence

Pioneers since the 1930’s

From the first multi-disc steel aircraft brakes in the 1930’s to the first electric braking system on a commercial aircraft, Meggitt has been the technology leader. MABS are one of only a few companies that can provide complete integrated braking systems - the wheels, brakes and brake control element.

A leading provider of wheels, brakes and brake control systems. Using structural design, thermal management and materials technology we balance weight, life span, life-cycle cost, dispatchability, ease of maintenance, short field performance and turnaround times.


What it takes to make a brake…


MABS technologies

Hydraulic or electric actuation, steel or carbon friction materials.

All the parts

Wheels, brakes, heatsink, control systems with multiple options and monitoring capabilities.

Making them work together

Our mature system integration capability is based on a simulation and modelling capability using the most advanced techniques available in the industry.


MABS Carbon Brake

More than 20-years in-service experience on over 45 aircraft platforms.

Proven in all operating environments on military and commercial aircraft, from small general aviation aircraft to large passenger jets, MABS' carbon brake products are amongst the best in the world.

MABS' brake frame features include:

  • well-designed hydraulic seals
  • a self-adjusting back plate to help maintain the optimum disk pressure distribution
  • anti-nesting grooves to prevent vibration
  • carbon reinforcement clips to ensure the disks run correctly
  • a design that creates the greatest net space possible for the carbon heatsink within the customer’s space envelope

Applications include:
Military aircraft, business jets, regional turboprops and commercial
jets. Certified on over 50 programmes.


MABS Steel Brake

Specified on over 100 aircraft platforms currently in operation, with a fleet size in excess of 20,000 aircraft.

MABS' experience dates back to our invention of multi-disc steel aircraft brakes in the 1930’s and includes the very latest sintered pad technology currently used on modern production commercial and military aircraft such as the Embraer Phenom 100 and Lockheed-Martin C130J.

MABS' steel brake features include:

  • thick rotating steel disks
    • these last longer than the industry standard (four runs in the brake compared to the normal two or three before
  • floating end-plate design.
    • increases disk life and reduces maintenance

Applications include:
Military aircraft, helicopters, business jets, regional turboprops, general aviation and commercial aircraft. Certified on over 100 programmes

 All of the above information is sourced directly from Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems. For more information please vist the MABS website at https://www.meggitt-mabs.com/