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Champion Aerospace Factory Overhauled Slick Magnetos

Airpart Supply have been appointed the exclusive distributor for Champion Aerospace Factory Overhauled Slick Magnetos.

  • Factory Overhauled to factory new specifications
  • The same 12 month warranty as a new magneto
  • 95% of detail parts replaced. Only housing and rotor retained
  • All work done in accordance with Champion Master Service Manual
  • No PMA parts or DER repairs
  • No core bill backs
  • Unlike cores accepted
  • 25-30% savings versus new

*The retail value of additional parts replaced on Rebuilt units is over $1700.


Overhauled in accordance with Champion Aerospace master service manual L-1363, REV J 

Manual To alternative aftermarket manual(s). Requiring DER approval
YES Replace ALL Wearable Parts NO
YES-100% Champion Slick Parts OEM parts NO

One Year

Same as New

Warranty 6 months
Contact points, Carbon brush, Capacitor, Bearings and Cap, Oil Seal and Rotor Gear
Also Replaced: Coil, Impulse Coupling Assembly, Block and Gear
Parts Replaced Contact points, Carbon brush, Capacitor, Bearings, Oil seal, Rotor gear, and Impulse Spring ONLY


To purchase a Champion Aerospace Factory Overhauled magneto, simply type the 'Slick' part number in the search box provided above. (The Factory Overhauled magneto will show as an alternate against all other variants)


Click for the QAA Certified Champion Repair Station Certificate

For more information on Champion Factory Overhauled Magnetos visit the Quality AIrcraft Accessories website at http://www.qaa.com/overhauledslick

For more information on Champion Aerospace and their range of ignition products visit https://www.championaerospace.com/

+Appointed by Quality Aircraft Accessories who are in agreement with Champion Aerospace

~Exclusivity is for Europe and The Middle East only. We are able to sell to other regions on a non-exclusive basis