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Aircraft Interior Cleaning Products


Airpart Supply are an approved distributor for Jetstream Aviation Products' line of aircraft interior cleaning products




Powerfoam is an aircraft exterior spray and wipe foam cleaner. Powerfoam will effectively  clean carbon exhaust on engine cowlings, oil, bugs and fly dirt from surfaces while leaving a clean, streak free finish. Powerfoam is always a great product to clean landing gear, flaps, belly, leading edges or any other area of an aircraft. Excellent for quick-turns when a pilot wants to make his aircraft presentable between wet wash jobs. On interiors, Powerfoam is a germicidal cleaner that will effectively clean smudge marks, nicotine stains, oily fingerprints and food stains. For use on sinks, lavs, table tops, woodwork, floor runners and galleys. Not for use on suede or silk.

Cleans Most Any Surface, Streak Free, Perfect For Quick Turns And Interiors.


PF12 Power Foam 19oz Aerosol


Click Here for the Powerfoam MSDS





Aircraft Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover is a powerful stain and spot remover. Will remove stains caused by grease, dirt, wine, coffee, juice, soft drinks,tea, food, pet, blood, and more.  Aircraft Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover  is used to safely remove virtually any stain found in an aircrafts interior.  In most cases it will save the time and expense of having the carpets extracted.


SR1 Interior Stain Remover 16oz Bottle




Aircraft Leather Cleaner & Conditioner will effectively clean, condition, and preserve the beauty of new and worn leather.   This product will not bleed onto fabric.  It contains no silicone or heavy waxes that can damage stitching or become slippery.  This products has been enriched with mink oil which is known for its superior ability to preserve and condition leather.


LC1 Leather Cleaner 8oz Bottle





Plexi-Clear is an anti-static aircraft plexiglass cleaner, protectant and polish. Plexi-Clear produces a microscopic, high luster, soil retarding and water repellant finish to all aircraft plexiglass and plastics. Plexi-Clear actually seals the pores of the plastic and leaves small scratches less visible, leaving a surface that is fresh, lustrous and protected. Plexi-Clear dries perfectly with no smears, scratches, or smudges. Plexi-Clear can be applied in seconds, in one easy step

Click Here to see Plexi-Clear's many uses and procedures


PC12 Plexi-Clear 19oz Aerosol


Click Here for the Plexi-Clear MSDS



High Quality Product Not Easily Found In Retail Stores

Soft 100% microfiber five inch diameter wax applicators are extremely durable, with double stitched seams, over a foam disc.  These wax applicators are a must when polishing or dry washing an aircraft using Flyers Speed Wax.  Applicators can be washed and reused numerous times.


DPA12 5" PBS Applicator (Qty 12)


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