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Tempest SpinEZOil Filter.  

Total Manufacturing Control – Tempest™ Original filters are the only aviation oil filters made in a state of the art aviation oil filter plant built solely for, and dedicated to, the manufacture of aviation oil filters. Total process control helps insure the highest standard of quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Magnetic Filtration System
  • Six-pack Packaging
  • Improved Nut Welds
  • Improved TCM By-Pass Valve
  • PC Housing (Patent Pending)
  • Burst strength of 600 psi
  • Full Pleat Media
  • Spin-EZ™ Solid Lubricant


The Tempest Oil FIlter range can be found below. Click the relevant link for pricing and availability. For the Tempest Oil Filter application guide click here

Description Part Number (6 Pack) Part Number (Single)
Tempest AA48103-2 Oil Filter AA48103-2-6PK AA48103-2
Tempest AA48104 Oil Filter AA48104-6PK AA48104
Tempest AA48108-2 Oil Filter AA48108-2-6PK AA48108-2
Tempest AA48109 Oil Filter AA48109-6PK AA48109
Tempest AA48110-2 Oil Filter AA48110-2-6PK AA48110-2
Tempest AA48111 Oil Filter AA48111-6PK AA48111
Tempest AA48162 S/O Oil Filter (Cessna 162 LSA) N/A AA48162
Tempest AA825706 Oil Filter (Fits Rotax Engines) N/A AA825706


For more information on Tempest Oil Filters, please contact us. Or visit the Tempest Aero Accessories website at www.aeroaccessories.com