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We are a factory authorised distributor and stockist for Jet Stream Aviation Products de-ice boot refurbishment products. PBS Prep and PBS Sealant.

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Part Number Description
PREP01 PBS Prep (QT)
PBS01 PBS Boot Sealant (QT)


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According to Light Plane Maintenance Magazine:

"Make no mistake, the Pbs Boot System is the best boot treatment we've ever seen. Your boots, no matter how old, grungy, yellowed, waxed over or dull, will come out looking better than new"

Pbs Prep

  • Is formulated for use before each Pbs Boot Sealant application to avoid dulling, as well as for hard-to-remove build up.
  • Cleans pneumatic de-ice boots of all previous boot treatments, assuring the best results possible when applying Pbs Boot Sealant.
  • Failure to prepare de-ice boots with Pbs Prep may result in dulling due to build up.

Pbs Boot Sealant

  • Is a long lasting protection against weather, wear and tear.

For more information on the PBS De-ice boot refurbishment products, please contact us. Or visit www.jetstreamproducts.com  

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