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Airpart Supply are a UK based stockist and supplier of Corrosion Block



Corrosion Block is a proprietary package of additives in a slightly thicker carrier than ACF-50.

The additive package makes Corrosion Block into a high-adherence creeping-fluid AND an outstanding de-watering fluid too. These properties mean that just a smallest amount will get into every crevice, every blemish of corrosion, utterly remove the water and stay on task, even under maritime conditions.

Removing water means stopping corrosion dead in its tracks. With the extra adhesion Corrosion Block stays in place for up to six-months, even in salt-spray, actively spreading, sacrificing itself to keep corrosion at bay.

Corrosion Block, the Facts!

  • ‘ACTIVE’ long-lasting, ‘non-drying’
  • Kills existing corrosion
  • Prevents new corrosion from forming
  • Excellent penetrant & lubricant
  • Approved for engines & electronics
  • Contains NO silicon, wax, resin, tar, asphalt or Teflon


Click the Corrosion Block part number below for pricing and more information

Corrosion Block Part Number Description
20002 Corrosion Block 4oz Pump Spray
25002 Corrosion Block Grease 2oz Tube
25014 Corrosion Block 14oz Cartridge
25016 Corrosion Block Grease 16oz Tub


For more information, please contact us. Or visit the Corrosion Block website at http://www.corrosionblock.com/products/corrosion-block.html


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