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Aircraft Paint Polish Products


Airpart Supply are an approved distributor for Jetstream Aviation Products' line of aircraft paint polish products




Skai Metal Polish is designed to polish and restore aluminum or stainless steel to a mirror image. Used for polishing aircraft leading edges, spinners, engine inlets, thrust reversers and bare aluminum skins. Also safe for use on aircraft paint for removing heavy oxidation and stains. Skai Metal Polish is also very economical. Skai makes very little mess when polishing and will not sling over the aircraft if used properly. Skai is non-abrasive, fast cutting and quick to clear under a buffer. Surfaces treated with Skai are protected and resistant to oxidation. Meets Boeing, McDonnell Douglas And AMS Approvals. Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable, Biodegradable.

SMP1 Skai Metal Polish 1Lb Tin


Click Here for the Skai Metal Polish MSDS




Removes Swirls and Seals Aluminum

Mirror Image Bright Work Swirl Remover is designed to remove swirls in polished metal caused by machine buffing. Mirror Image can also be used as a light maintenance polish between machine polishing jobs. Contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-oxidation agents for long lasting protection on all polished metal. Mirror Image will produce 100% protection while sealing the polished metal. Removes Swirls In Polished Metal, Contains Corrosion Inhibitors And Anti-Oxidation Agents, Great Maintenance Polish.


MI1 Mirror Image Metal Polish 5oz Tin


Click Here for the Mirror Image MSDS




High Quality Product Not Easily Found In Retail Stores

Soft 100% microfiber five inch diameter wax applicators are extremely durable, with double stitched seams, over a foam disc. These wax applicators are a must when polishing or dry washing an aircraft using Flyers Speed Wax. Applicators can be washed and reused numerous times.


DPA12 5" PBS Applicator (Qty 12)




100% Virgin wool, Quick Cutting Pads, Washable, Extremely Smooth

Buffing Pads are made from 100% wool with a 1-1/2 inch pile. These pads can be used for all of your brightwork and paint polishing needs and will cut through oxidation quickly and wear evenly for extremely smooth polishing. These buffing pads can also be washed and re-used multiple times. They do have a velcro backing and are designed to be used with a threaded nut or a Velcro backing plate.


BP01 Wool Buffing Pad


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